Folder Plus USB File Transfer Helper

Folder Plus USB
Connect to Folder Plus via USB
Drag and Drop to Ease Files / Folders Transfer
  •  Connect via USB with Ease
  •  Robust and Fast Transfer
  •  Drag-and-Drop Made Easy
  •  Organize Files and Folders
  •  Search
  •  Unicode Support
  •  Thumbnail Previewing
Supported File Operations
  •  Folder / Sub-Folder Creation
  •  Open Files on Host System
  •  Rename / Duplicate / Delete Files / Folders
  •  Create Folders
  •  Search Files/ Folders
  •  Search within Search
Supported Devices
  •  iPhone
  •  iPad
  •  iPod touch
  •  iTunes 12 or later required
Version 1.1
  •  Thumbnail Previewing (Only in Large Icon View Mode)
  •  Progress Report for Large Files
  •  Bugfixes
Download v1.1.11
Windows XP SP3 or later required
Download v1.0.7
Mac OS X Mavericks or later required