List of 8 iOS App Announcement Sites

Apart from press releases and reviews, posting to forums for announcing apps could add extra publicity. Even though page views may not be great and times staying on the boards are not long, any extra publicity is worth a shot

So, here it goes the list (without any sorting preference):

Some of the forums provide sub-forums for both iPhone apps and iPad Apps, but cross-posting is disallowed. You need to pick one that most suits you. Most of the forums allows inserting images while some disallow it. Some allows you to post links only if you have accumulated enough posts

Most of the time, you can reuse the code of the post. Just draft one that you are satisfied with the preview, then copy and save the code for other posts

If you are in search of resources of press releases and reviews, you can also check out the following:

For press release:

For review:

2 thoughts on “List of 8 iOS App Announcement Sites

  1. Thanks for the link – I’ll be updating the Press Release Sites list again towards the beginning of 2011, and probably going to show some metrics of before / after using them. And (gasp) I’m going to experiment with using a pay service, just to see (and show) what sort of effect they have on sales, if any.

    • Thanks for writing up the press release resource post, that can’t be any more helpful. Also, your upcoming sharing is even more anticipated, I can’t wait to read that, ;)