Folder Plus 2.0.0 Released

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Here is the list of what’s got updated in the new version (released on Sept 10th):

- added web browser sharing and WebDAV sharing
- added new multi-user authentication, different users now can have different roots
- added mail size warning
- added handy how to connect guide in sharing screen
- fixed a bug image disappearing in image viewer upon rotation
- fixed an image importing bug that importing too fast might cause images missing
- fixed a slider bar display bug on iOS 6
- fixed an empty filename display problem
- fixed keyboard not dismissing after renaming
- fixed image viewer crashing when invalid image is loaded
- improved FTP compatibility
- improved interface for open files in other apps
- improved file size display
- improved rotation handling
- long press menu now appears right near your finger
- now passcode is unicode compatible
- now can paste multiple images
- filename extension will always be shown for folders
- auto refresh folder view when new files come from FTP, HTTP, WebDAV

Please keep supporting us and thank you everybody. We will continue to push more great updates in the future

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