Folder Plus 1.8.0 Released

Folder Plus Info

Here is the list of what’s got updated in the new version (released on June 4th):

- supports thumbnails for images, videos and pdf files (default off)
- added action menus for doc viewer, txt editor, image viewer for common file operations
- added AirPrint support, access it inside action menu
- added image slide show
- added double tapping on video player to change scaling mode
- folder creation now asks a name
- tapping on the title of the current folder view to rename it
- text editor now has a readonly toggle
- added an option to show/hide file extensions
- added options to customized text color and background color in text editor
- added an option to change the default import folder location
- improved long document view bookmarking
- improved WiFi FTP UI
- improved translation UI
- improved image viewer’s background loading scheduling
- fixed a bug causing the Music app to stop playback during Folder Plus’s start up
- bug fixes

Please keep supporting us and thank you everybody. We will continue to push more great updates in the future

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