How Did It All Started?

So, this is my first post. Boring stuff but I want to talk about why I started all these

All these started one and half a year ago as I wanted to give a surprise to my girlfriend. And yes, I did come up with a freaking idea to write an app as her birthday present

So, how did the app link to any meaningful representation worth a present? It’s actually a match-3 game. Like the famous Bejeweled, you swap tiles to make 3 of a kind in a row. What’s so special is that you can customize the tiles so that you can put a photo on each of the tiles, so does the background. Together these will remember us the precious people, moments and places

However, I underestimated the project as most starters do. It turned out to be a one-year project (on and off) and as a birthday present it certainly was late for one year too. Although I am still not satisfied with the game, I did learn a lot from it in the hard way. And I would like to ever polish this gift in my lifetime

Finally, I would like to close it by saying that I enjoy the stuff. Without being enjoyed from within, it was very difficult to keep working on the stuff on a regular basis. And I would like to keep doing what I enjoy. Biggest thanks to my girlfriend, Fish, for making my life more meaningful